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About Elite Home Solutions

Ruben Alcaraz

Working with Landen was great! He was on top of everything & was extremely responsive. I whole-heartedly recommend Elite Home Solutions.

Madeline Lollar

If you are moving, you should DEFINITELY use this service. It usually takes me about two hours on the phone to switch my utilities over. Landen did it for me in about 10 minutes. Such a relief! There is no catch. Our realtor recommended this service to us and I was hesitant because it's free, but it's totally worth it!


Landen in particular was very helpful. Simple, easy to use, and easy to reach.

Dan Keehnast

Tess was a star! Very great service. I would recommend this to anybody.

Tracie Roedder

Elite Home Solutions was a huge load off my shoulders as I moved into the new house!!! Thank you, Brian M.!!!

Patsye Stanley

So nice to have somone take care of all the starting service issues involved with a move to a new home. Thank you so much.

Michael Mahoney

Landen Satterfield is by far the most professional person I have dealt with during my recent move. He handled all of my utility changes seamlessly and without any unneeded stress on my part. When Spectrum could not perform their normal duties, he took the initiative and handled everything himself. I am not exaggerating when I said it took Spectrum 15 calls to get things right, and Landen handled it all and was always just a text away and kept me informed. If I could give him six stars I would do it without hesitation. If you had a company full of Landen’s you would be a world leader in Customer Experience (CX).

Mike Gleaves

We received prompt courteous and professional service from them and would recommend them to anyone!

Jessie Davila

highly recommended to use their service!!! It would relieve you great deal!!!

Megan Pieper

Working with Danielle was wonderful! She took care of everything and kept us updated along the way. She made the process so easy and took the burden off of us! Would highly recommend!

Parker Rawdon

Dylan was very helpful getting everything setup for my move. He went above and beyond when helping to setup my internet and cable.

Joe Grotha

Great resource when purchasing a home. All utilities were set up by the Elite and ready to use on the closing day (water, trash, cable, sewer)

Bob Caito

Friendly and efficient service from Landen. He explained everything thoroughly, but most importantly, was an all-in-one service to me when I would have had to make many calls otherwise. Took the stress out of this step in the home-buying process. Highly recommended if your realtor doesn't already.

Harsha Vardhan Rao Arshanapalli

Made my job easy to switch all services from old house to new house(Electricity, Gas, Internet(with better deal), Trash, Water, Security.). We just need to provide them the old address and new address.

Dawn Lindwall

Very helpful service to use. It was nice to not to have to worry about utilities since there are so many other things demanding your attention when purchasing a home.

Annette McLaughlin

I worked with Landen S at the location in O Fallon and I honestly can say I don’t know what I would have done without him! He went above and beyond to make sure my move was as stress free as it could be! I highly recommend this company and Landen!

Carrie Jamboretz

People are very nice and very helpful, took care of scheduling appointments and changing utilities over! Very knowledgeable and friendly. Was very happy with service.

Carol Nadler

Danielle was very helpful and assuring she would take care of the entire process of transferring utilities for us to our new home effective at closing and was also able to take care of a delayed completion of the closing of our utilities at our current residence when the time comes. It is an acceptional service Elite Home Services provides. I recommend them highly.

Katherine Smith

This experience was great. The staff is very knowledgeable. The best customer service ever!!! Landen was super great!

Nathan Mackiewicz

My experience with Elite Home Solutions was amazing! Not only was this an easy and swift transfer, but any questions or hiccups I encountered we resolved via text message. Thank you EHS!!!