Our Core

It’s what makes us, us.

We're Transparent

We provide an honest, open platform that promotes choice. We will not try to “sell” you one service over the other. Our transparent structure allows you to make the most informed decision on home services.

We're Supportive

No one can do everything. We delegate, we communicate, we appreciate. There is no “I” in this company.

We're Customer Crazy

If you’re not happy, we’re not happy. We want the best for you - all day, every day.

We're Humble

...and we’re proud of it. We believe in what we’re building, but we know when to accept feedback. Have some? We want it.

We're Hungry

We know it takes hard work to build something worthwhile. We promise to never stop putting our best foot forward for you.


Together at Elite

It takes a united team to build something worthwhile. Together, we work hard, we never stop brainstorming, we laugh a lot, and we want the best for both our peers and our customers. We want you on our team. We want you to be.

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We Do Our Part in The Community. And Then Some.

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